Chicago Office and Other Developments

With a practice (one of many) focused on coastal law, and with clients near both NYC and Chicago, the firm has opened offices in both cities to assure easy access for clients in both regions of the country.

Over the years, cases have taken me to other parts of the country, as well, and I remain open to and interested in working with clients and colleagues around the country.

These days, many matters can proceed, sometimes for months or years, without attorney and client ever sitting down face to face.  The benefits of technology make communication easy and fast.

On the other hand, I can remember when working with groups of clients in the 1990s that we discussed whether it was safe/secure to use email to send documents.  With the problems in the media these days, you have to wonder whether use of email and of cloud storage devices is a secure way to do business.  I am interested in what you think.