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About the Firm

Ordway Law Firm provides legal counsel and litigation services in matters of environmental law. If your issue is with the United States Environmental Protection Agency or a similar regulatory authority, or with other parties over an environmental or natural resources dispute, contact us.

Coming January 1, 2015:

New York City office to improve accessibility for New York and other east coast clients and colleagues. Admitted in NYS continuously since 1984. Will retain presence in Michigan.

Areas of Practice

Drawing on over thirty years of experience in the field, Ordway Law Firm advocates for its clients’ interests in a variety of matters, including:

  • litigation involving natural resources and the environment;
  • negotiation with state and federal regulatory agencies regarding permitting, compliance and enforcement;
  • investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites under CERCLA, RCRA, TSCA, GLLA, Part 201, Part 213 and other statutes;
  • the environmental implications of corporate or real estate transactions;
  • commercial and industrial redevelopment;
  • disputes concerning riparian, littoral, and other water rights; and
  • underground storage tanks.

Ordway Law Firm defends clients in state and federal environmental enforcement actions, and has successfully advocated to close criminal investigations conducted parallel to civil enforcement. The firm has handled regulatory and judicial matters in numerous jurisdictions, including California, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin.


Clients of the Firm

Ordway Law Firm’s clients include Fortune 100 corporations, closely held corporations, municipal corporations, and individuals.

The firm prides itself on putting the interests of its clients first and on advocating zealously but intelligently to obtain the best possible result with a clear understanding of client priorities.

Groups of clients choose Ordway Law Firm to represent them as common counsel in Superfund litigation and settlement negotiations in complex cases that at times involve over 100 parties. Representing individual corporate clients, Ordway Law Firm has also served as lead counsel in Superfund litigation and settlement negotiation, RCRA corrective action, TSCA-regulated PCB remediation, and other state and federal waste management, site investigation and cleanup matters.

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